Intel Xe Developer Kits May Be Shipping Soon

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Not too long ago the world began getting information relating to anything from less than cryptic tweets to announcements at events revealing various bits about Intel Xe. TechPowerUp has reported on Intel CEO Bob Swan recently stating they’ve achieved an important goal with power-on exit for an Xe chip

“This quarter we’ve achieved power-on exit for our first discrete GPU DG1, an important milestone.”

According to TechPowerUp, power on exit is the process, and testing, of a prototype chip being soldered to, and powered up, on a PCB. Think of it as a stepping stone for proof of concept. Following this step it is believed that developer kits will be getting shipped out soon. TPU has also reported on seeing a European site listing the developer kit as being called the “Discreet Graphics DG1 External FRD1 Accessory Kit(Alpha) Developer Kit”. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it?

Well many are watching as Intel gets closer to those announced goals of releasing their Xe lineup in 2020. Here’s hoping for the best for them.


Peter Brosdahl
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