Scot Amos Speaks about Stan Lee’s Influence for New Avengers Game

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The folks over at techradar recently had a moment to sit down with some of the Crystal Dynamics team that is developing the new Avengers game. They looked back to reflect on their time in meeting with Stan Lee. Scot Amos, head of studio, said that Stan was “a complicated guy” and how much he loved the characters. He stated that Stan’s influence was more philosophical due to Crystal Dynamics wanting to ‘put their own stamp’ on the franchise but at the same time paying homage to the man who created so many memorable characters.

Scot shared that Stan had a perception that any comic could be their first. Too true, does anyone remember what their first comic was? Scot also stated that in designing the new game they needed to take an approach in that not everyone will have seen a movie, read a comic, or have some beforehand knowledge about the characters. I’d say that might be pretty difficult at this point but hey good for them for trying. Ultimately he ended the interview on feeling privileged to tell an original story.

Well I have on word to say to them both, “Excelsior!”


Peter Brosdahl
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