Are Class Wars in Fallout 76 Happening?

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Over the years there’s been controversy about in game purchases or even purchase tier levels for games. From loot boxes, to cosmetics, in game items, and potential pay to win scenarios, there’s a lot of different angles they can take. Well Rock Paper Shotgun has reported on escalated levels of toxicity happening in Fallout 76 subscription service involving potential class warfare. It would seem that aristocratic lifestyles are alive and well in our post apocalyptic wasteland future.

Evidently there have now been reports of players ganging up on those who’ve either chosen, or perhaps cannot afford, to purchase beyond the basic subscription service for the game. Kotaku UK reported on a reddit user stating how 1st players are being targeted now by gangs dressed in costumes or fancy clothes. RPS did make an observation about how “Fallout 76 players turning something shoddy into roleplaying fun but also ending on “People: stop being unreasonably awful to one another.


Peter Brosdahl
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