Activision Blizzard’s Net Revenues Down 15%, Engagement Reduced by Up to 22%

While the publishing giant still manages to turn a profit, Activision Blizzard (and its subsidiaries) are experiencing a substantial downturn in both sales and engagement. According to its third quarter results, net revenues are down 15% to $1.28 billion, while Blizzard’s are down 38% to $394 million (Candy Crush maker King only suffered a relatively minor 1% decrease). Engagement has also decreased, with Activision and Blizzard losing 22% and 11% of its monthly users, respectively.

Part of that shortfall can be attributed to a tough comparison to the year-ago quarter, back when Activision still counted Bungie’s Destiny franchise among its offerings. (Bungie reclaimed publishing rights to the series in February.) And while Activision revenues were down sharply — off 47% year-over-year to $209 million — it was not the only division of the company to see sales slide.


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