NVIDIA Announcing High-End 7 nm GeForce GPUs at COMPUTEX 2020, Claims Analyst

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Please grab your nearest salt shaker. According to Raymond James analyst Chris Caso, NVIDIA is planning to release its first 7 nm “Ampere” GPUs next year. Data center models are supposedly being announced at GTC 2020 (and launching Q1 or Q2), while GeForce cards will debut at COMPUTEX Taipei 2020. Caso suggests these will be high-end models (e.g., RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080). It seems like it was just yesterday that the RTX 20-series was released, but apparently, NVIDIA had intended to release its Ampere products even earlier.

…NVIDIA’s 7nm Ampere GPU has actually been delayed for a few months, but he did not give specific reasons for the 7nm GPU to come later, is the chip encountered problems or It is not known that NVIDIA has actively postponed it. In terms of performance, the new Ampere graphics card can be expected to achieve clock growth from 200MHz to 300MHz compared to the Turing architecture.


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