Intel Discloses Codename of 7 nm Xe GPU: “Ponte Vecchio”

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There is still much to learn about Intel’s upcoming lineup of discrete GPUs, but the codename of its 7 nm Xe graphics card is no longer a mystery. “Ponte Vecchio” is a moniker that should be familar to anyone who has had the privilege of visiting the oldest bridge in Florence, Italy. The name may allude to the PCIe 5.0-based Compute Express Link Interconnect, a high-speed way of “bridging” a CPU with GPUs and other devices.

In the new press deck (that we have totally not seen) Intel claims that Ponte Vecchio will use Foveros packing technology and will utilize CLX interconnection (this was already known). What’s new is that they confirmed that the Xe graphics feature: ultra-high cache and high memory bandwidth. Intel Ponte Vecchio will also have high double-precision FP throughput.


Tsing Mui
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