Intel Recalls Boxed Xeon E-2274G CPUs for Stock Cooler’s Poor Thermal Performance

Intel’s latest recall demonstrates why many enthusiasts prefer aftermarket fan solutions, which generally provide superior cooling performance and reduced noise levels. Select boxed Intel Xeon E-2274G processors have been recalled due the bundled heatsink, which “does not meet the requirement for thermal performance.” It was obviously a bad match for the CPU’s 88 W TDP.

The E973708-003 fan-heatsink included with boxed Xeon E-2274G processors is supplied by Foxconn, and has been known to be bundled with Intel’s entry-level client-segment processors, such as the Pentium Gold series and Core i3 series (chips with TDP typically rated 65 W or less). It features a thin, circular, all-aluminium heatsink, which lacks a copper core that certain other LGA115x-compatible stock coolers by Intel have.


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