Deepcool Wants You to Buy an RGB Holder for Your Sagging GPU

Now that you’ve got your RGB RAM, RGB fans, RGB cooler, and even an RGB HDMI cable, your journey toward multicolor LED bliss must be complete, right? Not quite. China’s Deepcool has begun offering two graphics card holders this month that will keep your GPU from sagging in the flashiest way possible. The GH-01 RGB and GH-01 LED also include a wire-routing system to keep things nice and tidy.

Up to two 8-pin PCIe power cables can be routed. You use a thumb-screw and notches to adjust the GH-01’s VGA support height from 47.2 mm to 154 mm. The stand itself measures 52.6 mm x 60.6 mm x 163.73 mm (WxDxH). It can bear a load of up to 5 kg. There are two sub-variants of the GH-01 based on the illumination type.


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