AMD Hints at Zen 3’s Performance Gains: It’s “An Entirely New Architecture”

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AMD’s upcoming CPU core microarchitecture may bring a level of performance that exceeds expectations. In an interview with TheStreet, AMD’s Forrest Norrod clarified that Zen 3 would not be a simple “evolution” like its predecessor because it was built on a completely new architecture. The implication is that enthusiasts can expect an even higher IPC gain than the 15% offered by Zen 2, which was already considered unique for an “evolutionary upgrade.”

…Zen 3 will deliver performance gains “right in line with what you would expect from an entirely new architecture.” Milan’s performance should also benefit some from moderately higher CPU clock speeds, thanks to its expected use of a more advanced, 7-nanometer (7nm), Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) manufacturing process than the 7nm TSMC process used by Rome. Speaking in general about its performance expectations, Norrod said — at a time when Intel is promising double-digit IPC gains for future microarchitectures — AMD is “confident [in] being able to drive significant IPC gains each generation.”


Tsing Mui
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