‘Tis the season for rumors and leaks. There’s been no shortage of new GPU’s or news about possible new GPU’s throughout all of 2019 from any side of the fence. The year started with Nvidia’s launch of it’s RTX lineup which brought dedicated ray tracing hardware to the masses. AMD has launched it’s newest lineup and then we’ve heard about Intel preparing to launch its GPU offerings in 2020. Nvidia, not to be cornered in any market, has placed multiple products at every tier and in recent months and launched it’s “Super” line of Turing cards. Well they seem to not be slowing down and it’s possible a new flagship could be sailing in soon in early 2020. WCCFTECH has reported on possible 2080 TI Super specifications. Here’s a comparison list of some of these potential changes.

  • RTX 2080 TI Super
  • 4608 Cuda Cores
  • 72 RT Cores
  • 576 Tensor Cores
  • 16 Gbps DDR6
  • RTX 2080 TI FE
  • 4352 Cuda Cores
  • 68 RT Cores
  • 544 Tensor Cores
  • 14 Gbps DDR6

Some complete unknowns at the moment are clock speeds and memory size. We know that currently the 2080 TI has 11GB and the Titan RTX has 24GB so there’s definitely room to expand. No mention of price yet either and again there’s a bit of a gap between these two cards.


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