DRAM Prices Could Be Going Up Again Due to Increasing Demand

System builders have been enjoying some great deals on memory (especially over the last few weeks), but that could be coming to an end. According to TrendForce’s latest data, inventory has returned to healthy levels, which can only mean one thing: rising prices. Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron are all expected to increase their output in 4Q19 due to greater demand from the server and smartphone markets.

Regarding the performance of 3Q19 revenues, Samsung increased its sales bits by 30% and quarterly revenue by 5% QoQ to $7.12 billion because Chinese smartphone vendors aggressively pulled their quarterly shipment forward and because demand in the server market has gradually recovered. Likewise, SK Hynix grew its sales bits by 20% and quarterly revenue by 3.5% to $4.41 billion. On the other hand, because of Micron’s relatively weaker base period in 2Q19, it increased its sales bits by almost 30%, and its revenue reached $3.07 billion.


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