Windows 10X Will Definitely Support Win32 Applications, according to Job Listing

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Microsoft’s new Windows variant may be built for mobile, but it’ll provide the functionality of a desktop. According to a new job posting discovered on LinkedIn, Windows 10X is getting a “Containers” feature that will bring “improved security, isolation, and compatibility” to the OS. These will support Windows Store-delivered Win32 apps, traditional Win32 apps, Windows Sandbox, Windows Defender Application Gaurd, and Server Containers.

At the Surface event on October 2, Microsoft announced a new operating system called “Windows 10X” that will power dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo and Lenovo ThinkPad X1. Windows 10X, internally codenamed “Santorini,” is based on the long-rumored Windows Core OS, a new platform that promises a stripped-down and simplified, modular version of Windows.


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