Apple Has Removed All Customer Reviews From Its Online Store

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Apple’s customers may have gotten a bit too honest for the company’s liking. The online Apple store’s “Ratings & Reviews” section, which allowed users to praise or berate their latest purchases, had been wiped from existence at some point between the evening of November 16 and the morning of November 17. That happens to be the same timeframe in which YouTubers began highlighting the negative reviews that were left by owners of Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Coincidence? Maybe.

However, it remains to be seen if the video had anything to do with Apple’s decision to remove the reviews, given the 56 thousand page views at the time of publication doesn’t seem like a high-enough number for Apple to pay attention to the video’s content. Other videos have been more critical about the company’s products, and some with far higher view counts, but evidently Apple seemingly does not spend that much time involving itself with such public complaints.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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