If you’re curious about what the hype surrounding Star Citizen is about but haven’t donated to the cause, now’s the perfect time to jump in. RSI and Cloud Imperium Games are celebrating their seventh annual CitizenCon with a “Free Fly” event, granting prospective Citizens nearly two weeks to try out the long-gestating crowdfunded title. Test-fly over 100 ships until December 5.

Welcome to Star Citizen, intrepid adventurer. You’ve come at the right time, during the annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.

From now until Dec 5, you can test fly all the ships and jump right into the ‘verse for free. Go to the expo page at www.IAE2949.com and click on “About the Expo” for details.

To get into the game, just create an RSI account and download the game client below. Then jump into the game. You’ll be gifted a Avenger Titan – one of the best all-around spaceships in the game – as a temporary loaner for the duration of the event.

The universe awaits.


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