Disney+ Adds Revolutionary, Life-Changing Streaming Feature: “Continue Watching”

How the heck does a media conglomerate as large as Disney launch a streaming service without a “continue watching” feature? That’s still somewhat of a mystery (some engineers claimed that they had their hands full), but at least it’s no longer a problem: “resume,” “restart,” and “add to watchlist” options have begun showing up on the landing pages of series and episodes for Roku users. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear when this will be rolled out for the website and other devices.

Subscribers accessing the DisneyPlus site have reported not seeing these features added yet, so it’s likely being rolled out over the course of the weekend. Additional options, such as “Continue Watching” on the home page and the “Autoplay” function, have yet to be enabled for the app, but were reportedly tested during the Netherlands beta launch.


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