Command & Conquer Devs Announce Spiritual Successor to RTS/FPS Renegade: Earthbreakers

Petroglyph Games isn’t quite finished with their remaster of Command & Conquer for EA, but the team has spun up a second project inspired by the franchise that made them famous. The ex-Westwood Studios devs have posted a teaser trailer for Earthbreakers, which appears to be a spiritual sequel to 2002’s Command & Conquer: Renegade. That title was unique for being the first C&C game to offer a first-person view.

Described as “a team-based PvP multiplayer game which combines the most enjoyable elements of FPS and RTS”, Earthbreakers is set in a deeply tribal 2060 where disagreements are settled through faction-based combat. Players must manage their base, and their team, while leading an offense against materials-stealing foes. Online matchmaking will support up to 32 players per-side, depending on map size.


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