Intel’s Rocket Lake-S CPUs Will Reportedly Feature Fewer Cores but Faster Integrated Graphics

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Intel’s final 14 nm hurrah could be suffering from a core-count regression. According to a new technical diagram from @momomo_us, the Rocket Lake-S desktop CPU lineup (14 nm, 2021) will max out at eight cores, which is two less than Comet Lake (14 nm, 2020). It’s getting a major boost in graphics performance, however: a Gen 12 iGPU is listed, which is based on the Xe GPU architecture. There’s also support for LPDDR4x memory at 3733 Mhz.

Much like Generation 10, (Comet Lake), Rocket Lake S would still be based on Intel’s 14 nm process and thus once again be based on the underlying microarchitecture that is Skylake. Comet Lake, however, makes a step towards 10-core processors with Intels Core i9-10900 that has 10C/20T fabbed at 14nm+++ and due for release in 2020.


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