Tesla’s Cybertruck could feature some extremely impressive aerodynamics for a vehicle of its type. Following an aerospace engineer’s assessment of the truck’s peculiar shape via computational fluid dynamics, Elon Musk himself chimed in over Twitter, claiming that his team might be able to dial down its drag coefficient (Cd) all the way down to 0.30. That’s comparable to the average of many smaller vehicles, such as sedans.

On the worse side, you’ve got bricks like the Hummer H2 with a Cd of .57 or the VW Westfalia Camper at .51. Some more efficient cars like the the Honda Civic are in the .36-.30 range, depending on model year. A lot of sportscars are around .30 or .29, like Corvettes and the NSX. And you’ve got some SUVs and minivans in that general area, like the Toyota Sequoia at .35, RAV4 at .31 and Toyota Sienna at .30.


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