AMD Could Be Outsourcing Its X670 Chipset, Due Out in 2020, to ASMedia

A notable aspect of the X570 chipset is that it was built in-house, but AMD is reportedly switching back to a third party for the next iteration. According to a MyDrivers article (the same one that alluded to a Ryzen 4000 launch in late 2020), AMD will be outsourcing the X670 chipset to Xiang Shuo Technology, otherwise known as ASMedia. Apparently, the X570 chipset was only built in-house because ASMedia wasn’t prepared to incorporate PCIe 4.0 into its motherboards at the time.

The next-gen X670 platform might use PCIe 4.0 on both general purpose lanes and the chipset bus. Other changes include upgrades to the USB 3.2, SATA, and M.2 interfaces, and a reduction of the chipset’s TDP. If the TDP is indeed reduced, there would be no need for active cooling the motherboard, which would also reduce the manufacturing costs.


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