AMD’s Zen 4-Based 5 Nm Processors Will Reportedly Launch in 2021

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Another day, another Zen rumor. The latest comes from China Times, which claims that TSMC’s work on 5 nm has been going well enough for AMD’s Zen 4 products to hit the market in 2021. The yields have supposedly reached 50% already, with mass production slated to begin during the first quarter of next year. Apple, HiSilicon, and AMD have first dibs on the advanced process.

A new technology report reported that Apple ’s A14 and Hisilicon ’s new-generation Kirin processors, which use TSMC ’s 5nm process, have been successfully taped out. With the advancement of the schedule, the 5nm yield rate will continue to increase, eventually entering the big market in July next year. Large-scale production phase, ready for the mass production of processors for flagship iPhones such as Apple iPhone 12, Huawei Mate 40 in September.


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