Huawei Enters the Desktop PC Market with Kunpeng 920 ARM v8 Processor Motherboard

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Intel and AMD may have a new competitor brewing in the desktop market. Huawei has unveiled its first desktop board, the D920S10, which is powered by a Kunpeng 920 ARM v8 processor and compatible with all mainstream hardware. Up to 8 cores are available, but the board doesn’t seem to support any OS other than Linux.

Huawei is planning to release two separate models of these motherboards, the Kunpeng Desktop Board D920S10, and Huawei’s S920X00 server motherboard. The D920S10 is a very robust desktop motherboard supporting PCIe 3.0, six SATA 3.0, and two M.2 SSD slots. This motherboard offers some fantastic features like supporting a total of 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, along with supporting ECC memory.


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