NVIDIA Announcing Support for Open-Source Linux Driver “Nouveau” at GPU Tech Conference?

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Linux users who prefer running their NVIDIA cards with non-proprietary drivers may finally be able to achieve their cards’ normal, advertised GPU clock speeds. A GTC 2020 session listing has revealed that principal software engineer John Hubbard will be hosting a talk regarding his company’s position on Nouveau, Linux’s open-source NVIDIA GPU driver. The theory is that green team will announce its official support for Nouveau (e.g., contributing more actual code), which is sorely needed due to locked-down firmware.

The talk abstract is: “We’ll report up-to-the-minute developments on NVIDIA’s status and activities, and possibly (depending on last-minute developments) a few future plans and directions, regarding our contributions to Linux kernel; supporting Nouveau (the open source kernel driver for NVIDIA GPUs, that is in the Linux kernel), including signed firmware behavior, documentation, and patches; and NVIDIA kernel drivers.”


Tsing Mui
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