Tesla Launching Cybertruck Companion “Cyberquad,” an Electric ATV, in Late 2021

Tesla fans will be able to begin their “Cyber” vehicle collection in about two years. Elon Musk has confirmed that its electric ATV, the Cyberquad, will be available alongside the Cybertruck in late 2021. That makes a lot of sense, being that the ATV was designed to fit perfectly into Cybertruck’s stainless-steel hatch. Musk also mentioned that he would be open to designing an electric dirt bike, but not a motorcycle, which would be “too dangerous.”

At the end of the Cybertruck unveiling last month, Tesla brought on stage an electric ATV made by its design team. The vehicle, called Tesla Cyberquad, was used to demonstrate the loading capacity of the Cybertruck, which can lower its rear suspension to accommodate easier loading of a vehicle on a ramp to the bed of electric pickup truck. It plugged into the electrical outlets (110v/220v) onboard the Tesla Cybertruck — meaning that while the Tesla electric ATV is on the Cybertruck, it is charging.


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