Full-Sized Commodore 64 Retro Console with Working Keyboard Shipping Out Soon

The miniature C64 that was launched last fall is cool and all, but why settle with a shrunken-down, dishonest replica? Retro Games Limited has announced that its full-sized Commodore 64 (the “THEC64”) will be shipping out to European gamers soon, with US availability to be determined later. This model features a working keyboard, three switchable modes (C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel with 64 pre-installed games), an updated joystick, and 720p output at 60 Hz or 50 Hz.

Other features and enhancements on the full-size THEC64 (as the unit is called) include audio scaling, to keep the sound playing as close to possible as it originally did when THEC64’s program are running at a different refresh rate than expected. The full-size C64 will also display all of the PC’s video output in a full-height 720p image on whatever monitor the player is using.


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