Virtual Toretto: Slightly Mad Studios Announces Fast & Furious Game “Crossroads”

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Image: Slightly Mad Studios

As if nine (!?) movies weren’t enough, Slightly Mad Studios has announced a new “team-based, vehicular-heist” action game based on the Fast & Furious franchise. F&F: Crossroads is no mere spin-off, but a direct tie-in that will expand upon the story with voiceover performances from Vin Diesel (Dom), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Tyrese Gibson’s (Roman). The game will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 2020, the same month that Fast & Furious 9 will hit U.S. theaters.

“Fast & Furious remains one of the most beloved franchises of all time and continues to innovate in extraordinary ways,” said Jim Molinets, SVP of Production, Universal Games and Digital Platforms. “Fast & Furious Crossroads is an authentic experience that stays true to the series by amplifying the signature elements that fans love – a star-studded cast, high-stakes story, over-the-top action, deep family ties and, of course, fast cars.”


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