Amazon Games Studios Launching Open-World MMO “New World” in May 2020

Image: Amazon Game Studios

We’re close to finding out how Amazon’s gaming studio stacks up against Blizzard, Square Enix, ZeniMax Online, and other MMO heavyweights. Amazon Games Studios has announced that it is releasing New World, an open-world MMO set in the 17th century’s Age of Exploration, on May 2020. Those who pre-ordered New World early are getting it at no cost, as it was originally intended to be a free-to-play title (Amazon has decided to charge $40 now).

“New World is an open world MMO, set in the Age of Exploration. It’s the 17th century, and it takes place on the island of Aeternum, a supernatural island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” Lane said. “It features action-RPG combat with massive siege battles and a rich crafting system and character progression. We have solo and player-versus-player experiences.”


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