Control Gets New Game Mode “Expeditions”

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Control has enjoyed a good amount of success since it’s release a few months ago. After winning numerous awards it has now released an update adding a new game mode. “Expeditions” is a set of timed challenges that can only be accessed after completing the main campaign.

The expansions won’t stop here. They announced, via their blog page, two paid expansions coming in 2020. KitGuru has reported the first, called “The Foundation” will be in March. The next will be closer to mid 2020 and may actually have some crossover with Alan Wake. We reported on that story here.

Some awards they’ve received:

  • Best Art Direction-The Game Awards
  • Game of The Year-IGN
  • Critics Choice-The Golden Joysticks
  • Game of The Year-PlayStation Magazine

We also reported on Epic Games paying over 9.49 Million Euro for Control Exclusivity here. Seems they knew they had something special on their hands. What are your experiences with Control? Let us know in the forums.


Peter Brosdahl
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