JBL Announces Solar-Powered, Self-Charging Headphones with “Virtually Unlimited Playtime”

Image: JBL

Recharging could be a thing of the past for mobile music enthusiasts. As part of an Indiegogo project, JBL has developed a special headphone called the “REFLECT Eternal,” which is capable of converting light into energy with a unique material called Powerfoyle. Unlike traditional solar cells, Powerfoyle can easily generate power from both indoor light and indirect sunlight.

This makes the REFLECT Eternal perfect for active lifestyles, allowing the headphone to continuously charge whether in the office for the 9 to 5 or meeting up with friends from 5 to 9. Exeger’s compact and efficient solar cells bring uncompromised aesthetics with virtually unlimited battery life. JBL’s popular noise management technologies, Ambient Aware and TalkThru, will also be built-in to further complement the performance.


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