Image:Hermitage Akihabara

After a few years of seeing GPU’s reach gargantuan proportions it’s nice to see some miniaturization at work. WCCFTECH has spotted the worlds first RX 5700 for ITX form factors. It will, unfortunately, be exclusive to the Japanese market beginning on December 20th and no price has been announced yet.


  • Navi 10 GPU
  • 2560 Cores
  • Base clock 1465Mhz, boost clock 1725Mhz
  • 8GB GDDR6
  • 256-bit bus @ 14Gbps
  • PCIe 4.0
  • Power is 1x 8pin
  • Display Options: HDMI 2.0b & 2x DP 1.4
  • Dimensions 175mm x 110mm x 40mm

Hopefully we’ll see something like this cross the pond as I’ve encountered quite a few builders who like to keep things small and this is a lot of performance for such a small card. This card will also allow builders to vent exhaust outside the by using a reference design type cooler.


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