Ex-AMD Masooma Bhaiwala Joins Intel’s Discreet GPU SoCs Team

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Image: Intel

Masooma Bhaiwala, previously AMD silicon design executive and corporate vice president, has posted via her Linkedin page about her move to Intel. Her new official title at Intel will be Vice President of discrete GPU SocS. She brings an extensive amount of experience in building silicon design teams spanning over 27 years.

” After 15+ amazing years at AMD, I have decided to take on a different opportunity… It was a truly fun ride, with an incredible team, during which we built some truly cool chips.”

Intel has been building it’s discreet GPU team for awhile now as they prepare for both consumer and enterprise releases. The addition of Masooma is one of many that have come over from AMD. The new Intel Xe platform will be the basis for all of these new releases that we’ll see in 2020.

Intel has gained many, and lost a few, in their efforts to build the teams necessary to get the Xe architecture off the ground. It will be an interesting year in 2020 to see what comes to fruition and how the train continues into 2021.


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