AMD Launching Vega-Powered Ryzen 4000 APUs Soon? Up to 8C/16T for Laptops Spotted

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Image: AMD

AMD is planning to bring even higher core counts to the laptop market with its Ryzen 4000 series. A variety of SKUs have been outed this week, which include the 8C/8T Ryzen 7 4700U, 6C/12T Ryzen 5 4600, Ryzen 7 3800H, and 8C/16T Ryzen 9 4900H.

According to a 3DMark database entry, the Ryzen 7 4700U will offer a base clock of 2 GHz and boost clock of 4.2 GHz. The chip doesn’t appear to feature SMT (simultaneous multi-threading), but it does flaunt a Vega-based iGPU. Its U designation also teases a potential TDP of just 15 W, which would be impressive for an eight-core part.

As for the high-performance H series, recent retail listings of ASUS notebooks suggest that they are right around the corner. Their clocks are unknown, but they will support SMT and offer a TDP of 45 W or so. They’ll compete with Intel’s 9th Gen Core H-series.


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