NVIDIA: TSMC Will Be Receiving the Majority of Our 7 Nm GPU Orders, Not Samsung

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang has confirmed that TSMC will be the primary manufacturer for green team’s 7 nm GPUs.

This puts an end to previous rumors that suggested Samsung would spearhead the company’s next-generation “Ampere” products. The Korean conglomerate will still receive orders, but TSMC is getting charged with the bulk of the work.

NVIDIA’s decision isn’t much of a shocker. TSMC, the darling of the foundry sector, was largely responsible for the company’s Pascal (16 nm) and Volta/Turing (12 nm) GPUs.

…Jensen was asked about the launch timeframe of their next-generation 7nm GPU but he simply replied that it wasn’t a convenient time for them to disclose any date at the moment. We know from a recent interview with NVIDIA’s CFO, Colette Kress, that they want to surprise everyone with their own 7nm GPU announcement but they are waiting for the right time to do so.


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