Ryzen “AF”: AMD Releasing Ryzen 5 1600 CPUs Manufactured under 12 Nm “Zen+” Process

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Image: AMD

Bargain hunters may want to take another look at the Ryzen 5 1600.

AMD has begun selling a 12 nm, Zen+ variant of its 2017-era CPU. The upgrade could mean performance and efficiency gains for the chip, which was originally released as a 14 nm part.

The 12 nm version can be identified by the “AF” designation on the box (e.g., YD1600BB”AF”BOX) and chip itself. Previous editions had the “AE” label.

Image: _vogonpoetry_ (Reddit)

According to an early adopter, the AF variant can sustain boosted clocks for longer periods. The all-core boost algorithm may also perform better within certain applications, such as Cinebench.

[A] likely explanation is that these are simply Ryzen 5 2600 die that didn’t make the cut for that class of chip due to frequency targets, but because they meet the criteria required for a 1600 model, it is simply more economical for AMD to use the die in the older chips.


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