Intel’s First Discrete GPU, the DG1, Reportedly Has 96 Execution Units

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Image: Intel

Komachi has spotted an EEC filing pertaining to Intel’s first discrete graphics card, the DG1.

The product name entry (Data Processing Unit Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 8 + 2) suggests that the GPU will offer 96 EUs (execution units).

Based on the company’s previous graphics technology (e.g., UHD/HD graphics), the number of shading units could either be 768 (x8) or 1536 (x16). DG1 is a entry-level GPU, so the latter is more likely.

A 96 EU/768 SU count would make the DG1 equivalent to Intel’s Tiger Lake.

The Xe architecture will span across many segments. Starting from entry-level mobile gaming to high-performance computing. The DG1 graphics are believed to be Intel’s first discrete graphics for gamers. Rumors also suggest that Intel will launch the DG2 variant as well. Both of these names are not product names though, so we still do not know how the new series will be called.


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