Intel’s Upcoming LGA 1200 Socket Appears to Be Compatible with LGA 115x Coolers

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Intel’s next socket could offer some level of backward compatibility with older components.

According to mechanical layouts posted by momomo_us, LGA 115x coolers will fit the upcoming LGA 1200 socket. Both appear to have the same dimensions.

The LGA 1200 socket is expected to launch in Q2 2020 with Intel’s 10th generation “Comet Lake” processors. They will be powered by the company’s 400-series chipset.

Intel’s upcoming LGA1200 mainstream desktop socket (aka socket H5), appears to be cooler-compatible with older LGA115x sockets. This would mean any CPU cooler compatible with sockets LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1150, and LGA1151, should be mechanically compatible with LGA1200. You’d still need to ensure the cooler has enough thermal capacity to cool some of the higher TDP SKUs such as the range-topping Core i9-10900K.


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