Apple Sued by New York University Doctor Over Watch’s Heartbeat Detection Feature

image: Apple

The Apple Watch has a potentially life-saving feature that can detect atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate), but a doctor claims that he pioneered the technique and is suing the company in response.

According to New York University cardiologist Dr. Joseph Wiesel, the Apple Watch infringes upon his method for monitoring “irregular pulse rhythms from a succession of time intervals,” which he won a patent for in March 2006.

Wiesel alleges that he spoke with Apple and gave them “detailed information about the patent” in September 2017, but his requests for a potential partnership were ignored.

With this lawsuit, Wiesel is asking the court to block Apple from using his patented atrial fibrillation technology without permission and royalties. For its part, Apple hasn’t commented on the case and it’s unlikely that it will.


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