Intel Core i9-10900K Boasts Up to 30 Percent Faster Performance (according to Internal Testing)

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Image: Intel

Assuming that Intel is being honest with its testing methodology, the Core i9-10900K is set to offer significant gains in threaded work. user MebiuW has posted an internal document showing the Comet Lake-S flagship performing up to 30% faster than the Core i9-9900K.

There are a total of nine benchmarks, which allude to an average improvement of 13%.

According to the first footnote, the CPUs were tested with security patches (since November 4, 2019) applied.

That 30% performance bump comes from the SPEC benchmark, and Cinebench R15 results are just behind it with a 26% increase. Given that the 10900K is a ten-core CPU and the 9900K is only an eight core, it isn’t surprising that we’re seeing this kind of performance.


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