NVIDIA’s 7 Nm Ampere GPUs Will “Boost Performance by 50% and Halve Power Consumption”


According to a client note from one of Taiwan’s biggest financial groups (Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting), NVIDIA’s next-generation “Ampere” GPUs will offer incredible performance at half the power cost.

Yuanta claims that the transition to 7-nanometer technology has allowed NVIDIA to produce GPUs that are 50 percent faster (than Turing, presumably) “while halving power consumption.”

NVIDIA will reportedly launch its first Ampere cards in the second half of this year.

Ampere fits in Nvidia’s two-year span for launching a new GPU microarchitecture. If Yuanta’s time frame is accurate, Nvidia will likely launch the Ampere at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, which is held in August.


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