Square Enix to Focus on Cloud Gaming Options

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On New Year’s day Square Enix President and Representative Director, Yosuke Matsuda, published a letter on their website to address the future of cloud gaming. He explains that a new era of gaming experiences will require companies to rapidly change in order to survive.

” More so than ever before, people will be looking for “something else”—something original and innovative. “

He continues that with 5G Sqaure Enix will be ready for cloud gaming.

” readying ourselves to support cloud gaming, which we expect to take off with the advent of 5G.”

With mentions of IoT, AR, AI, and XR, he doesn’t just stop with cloud gaming services.

” we plan to invest aggressively in the creation of new forms of entertainment that leverages the diverse portfolio of technologies “

He believes that even though challenges still persist new markets will continue to emerge as mobile technology evolves.


Peter Brosdahl
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