“DG1” Software Development Vehicle: Prototype of Intel’s First Discrete GPU Unveiled

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Image: Intel

Intel has finally given the world a good, hard look at its first discrete GPU, the “DG1.”

Details on a “Software Development Vehicle,” an engineering prototype that will be shipped off to ISVs worldwide for development purposes, were released today on a number of slides. The PCIe card was also shown off to select press at CES 2020.

According to the slide stack, Intel’s dGPU is optimized for both gaming and content creation. It also features “powerful media and display engines” and “dynamic tuning for power efficient platforms.”

The card is powered by the Xe architecture, which branches out into three power groups: LP (low performance), HP (medium performance), and HPC (high performance). DG1 is an LP part that will primarily cater to gaming and laptops.

This is evident based on the Software Development Vehicle’s lack of external power connectors. The dGPU reportedly uses less than 75 watts.

Expect DG1 to debut first in Tiger Lake notebooks, which are scheduled for some time this year.


Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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