ASMedia Wins Orders for AMD’s 600-Series Chipsets, But They Won’t Be Released Until Year’s End

Image: AMD

AMD’s budget-oriented B550 and A520 chipsets aren’t the only products that ASMedia will be responsible for, as DIGITIMES is reporting that the ASUS-owned company has won orders for AMD’s 500- and 600-series chipsets as well. The latter will presumably be paired with AMD’s upcoming round of Ryzen (Zen 3-based) processors.

There’s some bad news here, in that the 600-series chipsets won’t be released until “the end of 2020.” This suggests that Ryzen 4000 won’t surface until the holidays at the earliest (assuming the 600-series is, in fact, a related part and not something reserved for a new APU lineup).

Being that AMD launched its 3rd-gen Ryzen processors in July last year, enthusiasts who are itching to upgrade might view this as a delay, but the company has little to worry about in terms of time frame. Thanks to a lack of competition from Intel, AMD’s current Ryzen lineup should continue to hold up well in terms of both sales and performance.

According to DIGITIMES’s report, ASMedia is also working on a USB 4 controller chip for release this year. The company’s USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 chip will supposedly see increased demand soon due to the lack of support in Intel CPUs, which are limited to USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps).


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