FSP Group Brings Its T-Wings (CMT710) Case and Power Supplies to CES 2020

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FSP T-Wings (CMT710) Case
Image: The FPS Review

The FPS T-Wings (CMT710) case is both a difficult one to describe and a difficult one to photograph. There’s so much going on with it that it simply cannot be captured by a handful of pictures or words. In short, it is a dual system open-air case. On the left side, there is room for an E-ATX motherboard and allows for the video card to be mounted out from the motherboard (in the photo above, the glass on this side was removed). On the front, each side has room for a 360mm radiator to plumb in cooling for your rig(s). On the right side, there’s room for a couple of power supplies, disk drives and another motherboard (of the mini-ITX variety).

FSP Hydro G Pro Series Power Supplies

FSP Hydro G  Pro 1000W PSU
Image: The FPS Review

FSP also introduced us to the Hydro G Pro Series of Power Supplies. FSP took the Hydro G Series, made a few improvements and made it a smaller while adding Pro to the name. These supplies include FSP’s “Off-Wet” coating to the PCB that allows it to run in less than ideal situations (dusty environments and up to 95% humidity). They will be sold in 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W varieties. We already see the 850W and 1000W on NewEgg for $159.99 and $189.99 respectively.

FSP TWINS Pro Series Dual Power Supply

Image: The FPS Review

While we were looking around we saw an interesting product for those that may have server racks in their basement but use a mix of enterprise and enthusiast gear to maintain it. The FSP TWINS Pro Series power supplies pack a pair of redundant hot swappable PSUs into a deep ATX format unit. The unit on display was rated at 900W and there will also be 500W and 700W versions available. On the downside, each of the modules had a small fan, so if you’re expecting this to be silent under load you should probably invest in some ear plugs.

FSP Dagger Pro SFX 650W Power Supply

FSP Dagger Pro 650W PSU
Image: The FPS Review

FSP upgraded its Dagger line of power supplies to add an extra 50W of power over last year’s models. Last year’s Dagger Pro SFX 600W unit passed our tests, so we have high hopes for the refreshed line. The Dagger Pros are now available in 650W and 550W flavors. We already see the 650W version available for $124.99 on NewEgg.


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