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On the heels of leaks about NVIDIA’s RTX3080/3070 GPUs there’s news about AMD’s forthcoming Big Navi. Guru3d has reported on an interesting post from Chinese website Chip Hell.

” confirmed 80 internal CUs. The internal evaluation is 2080ti, with hardware optical tracking. “

PCGamesN also reported on this and made comment that the translation from the post may imply additional details. They believe that it will support Turing’s hardware ray tracing. The post also states this card has RDNA2 architecture. If these pan out to be true then the 5800 XT will have a number of improvements over the 2080ti. From 4352/544 cores to 5120 cores and from 18.6b transistors to 21b. It will also be 7nm vs. 12nm.

Only time will tell if these numbers end up being facts but numerous sites are reporting similar information.

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  1. [QUOTE=”Brian_B, post: 9509, member: 96″]
    What is hardware optical tracking?

    Is that a bad translation of ray tracing?
    Pretty sure it is. That’s kind of what PCGamesN was referring to in their article about this. I agree with ’em.

  2. [QUOTE=”Riccochet, post: 9495, member: 4″]
    It better be big enough to compete with what Nvidia is coming out with. Being a day late just doesn’t cut it anymore with high end parts. Competing with 2080Ti doesn’t make sense, unless they price it considerably less.
    Too true. If that magic number is under $1000 and includes PCIe 4.0 along with HDMI 2.1 then I’m sold. An overclocked Strix or Trio variant would really do well for 4K gaming. The only other thing missing is what size/type of Vram. Has to be at least 11GB to be worth it.

  3. Can I get a big Navi 2? Also where is crossfire? We need multi-GPU back strong if we are going to push the next wave of display technology. LCDs are finally starting to match old professional CRTs. Starting to see real high frame rate again with black frame insertion working with adaptive sync. HDR with over 1000 nits, 10 bit color depth at 4:4:4. All in glorious 4k. There will always be a need for more power!

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