15 Minutes of Doom Eternal Footage Released

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Image: Bethesda

Doom 2016 established itself as one of the best selling first-person shooters in the last decade. A quick search on SteamSpy shows it currently has between 2M and 5M owners there alone. The successor, Doom Eternal, will be unleashed upon us on March 20th. PCGamesN recently published an article, and 15 minute video, detailing the 3 hours they played across 3 levels. As much as they loved Doom 2016 they happily report on even greater things for this next one. From the feel of the weapons to exploration of the visuals they give some insight of things to expect.

Doom 2016 was also one of the first games to offer both Vulkan and DirectX support which allowed users to choose which API worked best for them. It also proved to scale extremely well across many platforms. Doom Eternal looks to offer much of the same but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Peter Brosdahl
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