AMD Enhances Its RGB Wraith Prism Stock CPU Cooler with Two Additional Heat Pipes

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Image: AMD

[UPDATE] AMD has confirmed that these are actually counterfeits. Whoever produced them did a very convincing job.

“AMD is pleased to offer market-leading premium Wraith Cooler thermal solutions for Socket AM4 and AMD Ryzen processors. Our current solutions, the details of which can be found at AMD Wraith cooling solutions, use four heat pipes and AMD has no plans at this time to introduce a new AMD Wraith Prism cooler with additional heat pipes.

“It has come to our attention that third-party coolers using six heat pipes that are designed to look like an official AMD Wraith Prism solution, including the illegitimate use of AMD branding, are now entering the market. Please be aware that those solutions are not genuine AMD products and have not been tested and validated by AMD to meet our build quality and performance requirements.

“We are actively investigating the source of these products and will take necessary actions to enforce our rights to ensure users receive genuine AMD products. If you have any questions about the origin of a cooler, please verify the solution here.”

[ORIGINAL STORY] As a stock cooler, the Wraith Prism performs well and is quite adequate for standard builds , but AMD has decided to improve its design. China’s XFastest has gotten its hands on a revised model that features six copper heat pipes instead of four.

There isn’t any measurement data yet for comparison, but the original model is rated with a 105W TDP. We can safely assume that the six-pipe variant can handle a similar amount of heat, if not a bit more. The improved efficiency could also allow for lower fan speeds and reduced noise.

Aside from the new heat pipe configuration, the revised Wraith Prism looks pretty much identical to the older version. Its serial number is also the same, which means that there’s no telling what users will get until they pull one out of the box. (AMD is expected to phase out the old model, but obviously, that’s a gradual process.)

The Wraith Prism cooler was first introduced with the Ryzen 2000 series in 2018. Users can find it bundled with the Ryzen 2700X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Ryzen 3800X, and Ryzen 9 3900X. One of its premium perks is its light ring, which supports per-RGB LED control.

It’s unclear when AMD will begin shipping the newer model.

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