Intel Smashes Quarterly and Full-Year Revenue Records with Big Earnings in Data Center

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Image: Intel

Despite the sensationalism surrounding its processor business, Intel is doing perfectly fine. The company has released its latest financial results, which are positively mouthwatering: fourth quarter revenue was $20.2 billion, while full-year (2019) revenue was a stunning $72 billion. These are actually new records for Intel (an 8 percent and 2 percent year-over-year improvement, respectively).

In terms of growth, Data Center was the big winner. This platform raked in 7.2 billion, a 19 percent increase over last year’s Q4 performance. Intel credited that to “robust demand from cloud service provider customers and a continued strong mix of high-performance 2nd-Generation Intel Xeon processors.”

Desktop sales were also positive, with Client Computing earning $10 billion. That’s a 2 percent increase over Q4 2018.

These are very impressive figures, but Intel expects to beat these records next year (as has been customary). The company is expecting $73.5 billion in revenue for 2020, starting with a first-quarter revenue of “approximately $19 billion.”

Speaking of the future, Intel’s earnings deck has teased what users can expect out of the company this year. Its 10 nm yield is reportedly “ahead of expectations,” allowing for nine product releases in 2020. Intel’s discrete, high-performance Xe-based graphics product, Ponte Vecchio, is also “on-track” for release in Q4 2021.

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