Apple Patents Curved Glass iMac Design

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Image: Apple

Apple filed a patent last week for a new design for its iMac line. Seen at the United States Patent and Trademark Office it shows an interesting version of the desktop. Seems that curved glass has caught the eye of Cupertino engineers.

Image: Apple via USPTO
Image: Apple via USPTO

Apple Insider has theorized on a few possibilities with this. The glass portion of the unit may sit in a dock and have adjustable angles. Facilitated by a “wedge design” it could also house ports for stability and appearance needs. They also suggest that part of the display may be flexible, or fold-able, for shipping or storage situations. There’s also a version with the display as one piece and while the housing is another. This would allow either curved or flat options. Apple does file many patents that we’ve yet to see made into reality but it does show an interesting concept for a future iMac.

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