Electronic Arts Plans Game Blitz for Fiscal Year 2021

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Electronic Arts held its Q3 2020 earnings conference today. In it they covered financials along with plans for their fiscal year 2021. It seems that they plan to release 14 games from April 1st to March 31st, 2021.


Throughout 2019 EA took a number of twists and turns. BioWare’s Anthem did not earn the best of receptions from the gaming community. EA CEO Andrew Wilson suggested that it may have tried to cater to very different players and in doing so mixed things that do not mesh well. Essentially combing action with story-driven approaches left potential fans divided for the game. Apex Legends received mixed reviews. On one hand it did make a list for best optimized games of 2019. On the other its in-game purchases garnered criticism. So much so that one project lead essentially went postal on the gaming community.

Things took a turn for the better towards the end of 2019. Breaking sales records Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order became the best digital launch in series history. In EA’s financials they stated it exceeded their 6-8 million sales estimate. It too made a best optimized games of 2019 list. At the end of October they announced a new partnership with Valve. In 2021 Steam members will be able to enjoy the benefits of EA Access. EA Access includes their free game offerings in “The Vault”.

Future Plans

Not wanting to lose momentum ambitious plans have now been announced. Fourteen games are in the works for a fiscal 2021 release. FIFA and Madden franchises will get new iterations along with two other sports titles. There will also be four projects from 3rd party or indie developers. Four mystery major titles as well. Rounding out the list will be two mobile titles. DSOG has reported that EA is also working on remasters of popular past titles. Command and Conquer being one of them.

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