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What is Baby Yoda’s real name? Is Din Djarin going to get his hands on the fabled Darksaber? How long until classic Star Wars characters start showing up? We should be getting the answers to those burning questions in eight months.

During today’s earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that season two of The Mandalorian would be debuting in October. The show has been a critical success for the company and its Disney+ streaming service, which has a newly reported paying subscriber base of 28.6 million.

Iger also mentioned the possibility of “infusing [‘The Mandalorian’] with more characters and taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.” The implication is that Favreau and Filoni could be planning a very special character for season two, but you can also bet that someone at Disney is mulling the possibility of standalone Baby Yoda series, or something that centers around its species.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine for the Star Wars franchise, however. Disney’s CEO confirmed that it would be getting “a bit of a hiatus in terms of theatrical releases.” The critical reception of the sequel trilogy had an obvious effect on that, with The Rise of Skywalker ending up as the lowest grossing of the new movies.

Iger belives Star Wars’s future is in television. Aside from the continuing adventures of Mando, Disney is planning additional shows, such as a Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan series. (For those who have forgotten, Andor was the male lead of “Rogue One.”)

In other Disney+ related news, Iger revealed the dates for Marvel’s WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. These will debut in December and August of this year, respectively. The release of Loki remains unknown.

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  1. If they’d stick to doing EU stuff and keep it diverse, they could probably crank out some profitable movies. I’ve said it before, but solo flopped because of timing, not quality. I wouldn’t say it was the best thing ever, but I would pay to see things like that mixed with TOR or even pre first order republic stuff. The sequel trilogy was rushed, but don’t let that bad taste linger too long.

    1. I also like Solo, and the Mrs did too. It was a train heist movie in the SW universe. The Rey/Kylo new trilogy is just horrible. People complained about the Prequels but…..

      Anyway, Mando was great. There were a few things I could have done without but overall, 9/10 A+

  2. I agree with the article saying that Star Wars future is in television. As long as any additional series are as good as the Mandalorian.

  3. Who wants to bet that potential spinoff is with the MMA fighter lady that was the soldier. That could be pretty cool.

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