Sam Raimi Could Be Directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for Marvel

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The cult-favorite director behind the Evil Dead and Spider-Man films could be joining the Marvel family. According to Variety, Sam Raimi is in talks with the studio about helming the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel Studios hasn’t commented on the rumor, but Raimi should be a great fit for the film. The man knows how to mix horror and comedy – two genres that Madness is said to explore – to great effect. He’s also the guy who arguably sparked the superhero-film craze, having directed 2002’s critically acclaimed Spider-Man (and its equally successful sequels).

There’s a potential problem here, though. As a master of his craft, Sam Raimi is the type of director who would demand a high level of creative control. That’s not something Marvel Studios would be likely to grant.

We’ve heard stories of Kevin Feige giving a lot of freedom to filmmakers, but it’s hard to believe that something like the MCU was built without an iron grip and unified vision. There’s a reason why you never see Marvel hire or get along with distinguished directors. Edgar Wright’s exit from Ant-Man – which was over “creative differences” – is one notable example.

As a matter of fact, those were the very same differences that prompted Scott Derrickson to step away from Doctor Strange 2. Despite manning the original, Derrickson couldn’t see eye to eye with Marvel and opted to quit in early January. Some of the rumors claim that Derrickson was promised a horror movie but denied that privilege when production began.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will open on May 7, 2021 – hopefully, with Raimi’s name attached to it.

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